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OpenLayers Proximity Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Drupal 6 OpenLayers Proximity module. This example is a simple listing of geo-coded nodes that can be filtered and sorted by distance. For this to work, you need the following modules enabled:

OpenLayers Geocoder tutorial

Tutorial goal

  • Display both map and address using the OpenLayers Geocoder module

Module Architecture

Архитектура модуля


OpenLayers presets contain

  • Map Settings
    • Height, width
    • Centerpoint
    • OpenLayers source file, theme location, ProxyHost
  • Enabled Behaviors
  • Enabled Layers
  • Enabled Styles

Getting Started with OpenLayers

Быстрый старт с OpenLayers

Basic concept

The OpenLayers module allows to display any content with geo data (node, user, taxonomy terms) as layers on top of base maps (base layers) in map presets. It provides a user interface to configure the styles of this content (color of dots, thickness of lines, highlighting, ...), and the behaviour of the maps (zooming, tool tips, ...).
Layers, map presets, styles and behaviours are stored as objects.
The configurations can be exported to code or included to features with the Features module.
The OpenLayers modules also provides a CCK field for adding geo data to nodes.

OpenLayers 2.x Documentation

The OpenLayers 2.x Documentation Book includes documentation of the module for end-users as well as the API provided for developers.

New users should take a look at Getting Started with OpenLayers to build their first map.

Please post bug reports, support requests, and feature  on the issue tracker instead of using the comment area in the documentation pages.


Документация по OpenLayers 2.x включает в себя, как справку для конечных пользователей, так и олписание API для разработчиков.

Начинающие пользователи могут сразу смотреть Быстрый старт с OpenLayers, чтобы сделать свою первую карту.

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