TAPIr - Dynamic Tables API

A baby tapir.A tapir is a funny animal that happens to be this project's mascot. TAPIr is an API developed for Drupal developers to allow the easy creation and configuration of dynamic tables. In fact, we've made it so dynamic, that even the name is flexible! It stands for Tables API, and you get to decide what the r means. Eye-wink (Our favorites include by Ryan, rocks, and renegades.)

Так случилось, что именно такое смешное животное, как тапир стало маскотом этого проекта. TAPIr - это интерфейс, предназначенный для разработки под Drupal и позволяющий создавать и конфигурировать динамические таблицы. Фактически, мы сделали его настолько динамическим, что даже его название изменяемо. Это сокращение от Tables API, но вам самим решать, что означает r на конце. Eye-wink Наиболее популярными расшифровками являются Ryan, rocks, и renegades.

The Tables API mimics the Forms API by building tables based on a Table ID. For now, the Table ID refers to the function used to build the table, though it's not impossible for TAPIr to define a hook like Drupal's hook_forms. The builder function operates on an $op variable to first build the fieldset and then grab the data for the rows for each field. The term fields refers to a column in the table. Fields will be configurable from a settings page for each table so the user can adjust the title of a column, its order in the table, and whether or not it should be shown when the table is rendered.

Read through the following pages to learn about the features of the TAPIr module, especially the automatic generation of settings forms that allow site owners to configure your tables and the unprecedented ability to make your tables extensible.

Thanks for coming to find out about TAPIr. It is still a work in progress, like everything else here at Ubercart. Smiling We're happy to change and perfect it, so please report bugs and suggestions here or at the issue tracker on Drupal.org. The official Drupal.org project page may be found here:


(NOTE: The documentation was lost in a site crash and has been mostly recovered. I just haven't had time to recreate it on the site yet. For now, please use the attached zip file... sorry it's not in the best format, but at least it's something.)